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I wasn’t looking for a veggie burger until someone on television made it so enticing that I couldn’t resist.  It took three  “mmm”s of approval by someone eating it, before I gave in to a recipe that had been created by a tv weatherman.  Turns out, there is a little magic to this Meatless Monday consideration.

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oil poached halibut

Wait-before you turn away from this idea because, like me, you spend most of your time trying to get oil out of your life, let me share the science behind cooking with oil and then let me implore you to try this approach one time and see that we can make fish taste impossibly restaurant-quality good in our own kitchens without much effort.

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salade vert

This wonderfully simple and scrumptious salad is anything but boring. Once you try it, I believe it will become an essential addition to your recipe arsenal because a simple salad that tastes more like fine dining can elevate an entire meal.  I dare you to serve this salad alongside instant macaroni & cheese see if your diners question their palates.

Bibb lettuce salad found its way to our menu awhile back after looking for the most approachable recipe from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon cookbook.  The vinaigrette comes together with little effort.  It makes ample amounts for several meals and, most important, makes us feel like chefs.  “The vinaigrette may be the most important sauce in the cook’s repertoire,” Keller shares, “the idea behind it – combining fat and acid, is simple and the variations are endless.”

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We’re not fulfilling FDA’s food pyramid, despite fresh lime juice affording some fruit properties.  Margarita sorbet will, however, satisfy one of the major happiness groups on our pyramid of life.  You know the section, just below spiritual enrichment, right above spa treatments, to the left of baby goat videos. That’s where we’ll find the take-the-edge-off group (placement and prominence varies).

The effort to joy ratio works here, especially for entertaining.  Hands-on time is manageable and of course this is a complete do-ahead preparation.  What you’ll have is the most sublime concoction with the most perfect kick that you can’t believe you made yourself, fulfilling yet another section of our life pyramid – achievement.

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garlic chicken & asparagus

5 Ingredients or Less 15 Minutes While waiting at the car wash, I bought a few cookbooks. It only makes sense that the neighborhood car wash sells coffee table books about midcentury architecture and lemongrass mood candles along with Little Trees car fresheners, f-bomb birthday cards, and Mallo cups.  One car wash in town even has a grill & cafe with a signage assault reading 100% hand wash hot soups lotto scratchers coffee.  Did you think ewe hand washing by hand cooking or were you more ouch hands by hot soups?  Isn’t scratchers implied when you say lotto?

There is nothing I can’t be convinced I need during that thirty-minute time is takes a machine to remove two months of dirt from my car, and such was the case with celebrity chef Michael Symon’s, 5 in 5 cookbook promising recipes with 5 ingredients made in 5 minutes.  Question, if you have to say celebrity, is he one?  Most of the cookbook is rather heavy dishes but a few standouts, including today’s was worth the purchase.

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