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bob's ka-bobs

Grilling season is dreams away for many, while we in Southern California – as though the weather gods are add insult to injury for the rest of the county – have been blessed with sunny, warm winter days most of this winter.  Remember it all goes with away with a shattering 4.+ on the richter or a swelling mudslide.  The sunshine is why we tolerate traffic and “like” in our statements that sound like questions and know that our value gets determined by proximity to George Clooney and that the Kardashians were invented here and that we live in a place where “work” means plastic surgery not employment.  Someone once told me that life in Colorado is determined by your relationship to the mountain – in Southern California, it’s your relationship to the ‘industry’. Like the Rockies mountain range, there only one industry in Los Angeles . Please let us have our sunshine and warmth and be smitten.

Way over to the Midwest, however, Indiana to be specific, are where my cousins are suffering from frigid blustering days and where we get today’s cooking trick.  Bob, my cousin by marriage – really, he’s my cousin’s ex-wife’s husband – so like a cousin by marriage and divorce, not really a relative at all, but I think of him as Cousin Bob. His step-daughter calls me Aunt Sherri even though I’m her second cousin.  Sometimes people just fit into a role rather than an actual title.  So Bob makes as it is called “Bob’s Chicken.”  What About Bob? that I love is that he’s one of the few guys I know who gets excited to shop for groceries, so you know this is a guy who’s figured out some things about food.  Bob’s Chicken is certifiably juicy, sharply flavored, leftover resilient and criminally, shamefully, woefully easy.  What’s Bob’s secret?

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clean granola

There’s a dirty little secret about granola, which we’re cleaning up.  Granola is like the Miley Cyrus of breakfast foods – you think she’s just wholesome bites of Hannah Montana and stuff like that, and then you find out there’s some twerk and weed in that food.

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classic lasagna

There are many reasons to avoid lasagna…it’s complicated to prepare, a four-digit calorie count, the silent g, the loud g (luten), square meals aren’t your thing.

What if I told you delicious lasagna can be gluten-free, low cal possible and you can whip it up rather quickly, and remarkably quickly when you consider the 120-second leftover reheat?

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chocolate all day long

5 Ingredients or LessOne ingredient, that is if you don’t count water. An incredible scientific approach to dessert.  Are you like me and mousse is something you either put in your hair or order from a French restaurant?  I never looked into preparing mousse at home. It seemed unapproachably Le Cordon Bleu. I came across this fascinating preparation that was perfect for our crunchtime burden and just in time for another burden, that Big Red Holiday, and I’m not talking about Christmas or World Smile Day.  You won’t believe how easy it is to make something so purely decadent.

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Today, we salute the groundhog with a ground chicken Mediterranean wrap. What, you want pork balls? We are big fans of ground proteins mixed with herbs and seasonings because they are forgiving recipes that pack big flavor for low cost.  This same recipe would work just as well with lamb or beef or maybe groundhog.  Payback for cloudy days.

This recipe first came to us in the seven-day detox cleanse that we tackled at the beginning of the year.

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