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baked blueberry oatmeal

What to serve guests in the morning? It bakes while you prepare coffee, slice fruit, and take a moment of quiet before this happens.

Oatmeal hasn’t been my kid’s thing, since he was a baby.  Now that I think about it, maybe he always hated oatmeal but couldn’t avoid spoon-feeding.  Once he could hold a spoon, it never went in the direction of oatmeal’s mushy consistency, absence of color, and the lack of flavor, despite offers of brown sugar and fruit toppings.  I wonder why? Oatmeal cookies – yes, oatmeal – no, until now.

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stuffed turkey roll

We could say this is all about portion control for diners whose plates look like this. Or it’s a low calorie approach using only the leaner, meaner white meat. And, the eye appeal is undeniable. But, the real reason to roll your own, is the ease of combining two dishes into one item that cooks evenly and quickly (70 minutes and you can feed 10-12 people), and incorporating luscious baking juices while reducing the risk of that pesky food salmonella found in traditional stuffed turkey.  So, let’s get rolling.

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spicy tuna bowl
Ever since a Santa Fe girlfriends’ weekend, I’ve been craving a rice bowl meal.  This spicy tuna bowl relies on the salty rich tang of Japanese seasonings combined with wake-up your palate dressing and then it’s loaded with veggies.  Sriracha brings the spice instead of the usual suspect, wasabi, because we’re making this at home and most of us don’t have wasabi mounds on-hand.  We brighten brown rice with a kick of sweetened vinegar.  Sear the tuna, julienne vegetables, and drizzle soy dressing on top.

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easy pasta with brie

Remember the early years, season two, she falls in love with her cardio patient Denny, cheats his donor qualification and crumbles, we all crumble, when he dies shortly after.  An impressive performance made a star out of this girl.  Then, well, Dr. Stevens wanted out of the series and not even CPR from Shonda could save her.

One day, a few months back, that kinda ornery actress shows up cooking on tv – happy, homey, aprony — making this pasta that others melted over.  I loved the simple ingredients for weeknight possibilities and double McCreamy brie cheese does all the heavy flavor lifting.

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asparagus purée

Equipped with a blender, a pot, 2-3 sauté pans, an ice bath and a watch to time the speed at which you whip up this five-ingredient recipe, you’ll get a meal that presents as restaurant fare without all the fuss and expense. If scallops aren’t your thing, roasted shrimp or sautéed chicken thighs would provide an equally satisfying pairing with asparagus.

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