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no peek beef stew

What is it about mom’s cooking that makes it undeniably better?  For starters, it means that someone else is doing the cooking.  At the heart of it, the best mom food comes from perfected recipes that they’ve served over and again, conjuring memories and nurtured comfort. But mom cooking more than just a good recipe.

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kale, radish, fennel & ricotta salata salad

My apologies for obsessing over the Gjelina cookbook, but when I find a recipe that I leeerve, I have to share it with you. The buzz lately about kale is that it’s all washed up, passé, a has-been, a Norma Desmond, and now the it-superfood is All About Seaweed.  Cool or not, we love that kale has found a permanent, even if not a prominent, place in our diets.

In this recipe, kale is more a supporting actor, served alongside crunchy radishes, sweet fennel, garlic crouton crumbs, and ricotta salata- (cheese!) – best ensemble according to the salad actors guild of my table.

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IMG_9008 (1)

15 Minutes For most of us, weekday pancakes aren’t an option.  If we were even to go out on a breakfast service limb and prepare any maple-syrupped item, it would be a freezer-to-toaster venture or a box mix + tap water recipe. There’s no big miracle here except that the ingredients are common, you mix them all at once and fry them immediately. In moments you’ll have fluffy, thick cakes loaded with jammy bursts of berries.

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breaded pork tenderloin

We love a theme. Today’s theme, of course, is the Iowa caucus.  While other sites are Bob Dole-ing out football themed recipes, were going straight to the heartland for Iowa’s absolute best food – bar none – the Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich.  You heard me right, we bread them, then put them on some bread.  They are delicious.  We have two options here, baked and fried – fried rules the tastebuds, baked rules the waistbuds.

Did I ever tell you the one about the time I ran an Iowa caucus?

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