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Before moving to Los Angeles, “craft services” meant something to me like scrapbooking displays.  If you don’t know, and I didn’t know, craft services or crafty, as the production crew refers to it, is food service on a production set.  Craft service provides meals, but the real attraction is the constant supplying of snacks and treats to keep that burly guy who’s wearing an undersized Hootie & the Blowfish t-shirt and dirty cargo shorts, constantly fed so he’ll hold up a boom mike for eight straight hours. That’s how he became burly, it’s how we all became burly during production.  Our friend Ron called it Shoot Butt.

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slide 'em into my mouth burgers

Put the white in red, white & blue this 4th of July with sumptuous chicken burgers. Celebrating our fiftieth state, we add a few items to take chicken burgers from bland to grand.

Let’s see how, but first, a story about patriotic jury duty on a criminal trial involving a transvestite prostitute – a tranny tute in my circles.

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cherry clafoutis

When I stepped away from my career to dazzle the world with my mothering prowess, just ask the kids how that’s working out for me, I looked for a thought-provoking tightrope that would suspend my brain between kid übering and spectator marathons of Little League games. UCLA sat 6 blocks from my front door.

Dreaming of being a less quirky (and less talented) David Sedaris, I enrolled in a creative writing class or two.  It’s okay if you  judge my writing ability at this moment and then hope I didn’t pay too much for tuition.  I did.  Those skills landed me assignments at this publication whose pay scale made minimum wage seem like one-percenter income.

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whole enchilada

Tastes like chicken right? The most common food search term is “chicken recipe.” And I thought it was minted pea puree.  So, I owe you a chicken meal post.  Five mentions of chicken in first paragraph and my SEO will be through the roof. chicken.

If you are a food-fast person and by being here, I imagine you are, Cooking Light is just about the best resource for getting the good stuff on the table in a reasonable amount of time.  I’ve made chicken verde enchiladas a few times (I mean how can I get a natural sunlight photo when serving at dinnertime) and it’s a winner, winner chicken dinner.  Not your soppy enchilada style either, because the filling has intense seasoning flavor provided by small amounts of salsa verde and spices.

You’ll use a few more ingredients here than I know you prefer, but make it in big batches and freeze it (without avocado and sour cream, please).  Your family will rally and you will have a go-to in a pinch.  read more

peas out

Hey kids, we’re having peas. come on mom,  we had vegetables this week.

I pulverized them into baby food.  gross and gross.

Yeah, and I added mint too.  what, peas aren’t candy.

Best part.  we don’t have to eat it?

No, it’s cold.  omg, give me anything but that.

Experts predict this hot weather we’re experiencing is just the tip of the melting iceberg for summer – global weirding they call it.

5 Ingredients or Less Although chilled soup is hardly al-gore-ing it, this simple go-green doesn’t take much irrigation or effort and delivers a satisfying summertime starter or ender.  You’ll impress yourself, I promise – a handful of ingredients, refrigerator ready, and a good veggie fix that the kids will object to at first and then eat up.

I was inspired, no compelled, to recreate this porridge  served at a small cafe within a set of fancy shops – sunglasses indoors required.  The farm fresh food is humble here to make room for the big LA scene.   Our waitress was kind enough to rake the recipe out of the chef for us twice because it seemed too simple to be this good.  Really – peas, mint, veg stock & salt.  That’s all.

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