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Green Goddess Cheese Ball is a spread you can win with every time on Game Day. For me, game day is more like the holidays or the Oscars or any episode of Game of Thrones, but I know most of the country is inflates their balls for football. This girl will be heading to Minnesota, with the boys, for a Goodell vice-grip handshake and some Aaron Rodgers abuse; more on that later.

I was tired of the same ‘ole cheese platter…wait, I’m never tired of a cheese platter, rather, I was wanting to round out a cheese platter display when I came across this winning recipe moments before Thanksgiving. We all gave thanks for each other and for cheese and, because this pistachio-crusted spread was a smash hit, I made it for Christmas. Either my family was gracious or starving, but this appetizer nod to the Seventies disappeared as fast as shag haircuts.

It’s easy because you pulse the ingredients together in one machine and the do-ahead potential means having time for donning your favorite athlete’s jersey, which for me would not be Aaron Rogers. Here’s why.

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Right. Chickpea and kale curry was not the dream dinner you were hoping for tonight. And forget getting the kids on board.Kinda seems unfinished, like it needs lamb meatballs or a ring of bologna on top. Believe me. This simple, incredibly easy, meatless, hassleless, exotically savory meal is totally, certifiably delicious.

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This is a story about a best friend, a birthday milestone, and vegetables with hummus.

We met working at MTV where our execs loved to stress its casual atmosphere. The dress code according President Tom Freston was no full frontal nudity (funny right?) or the higher up the food chain you move, the closer you can move toward the lips of staffers when you greet them hello and you get stock options too. Truth is that the place was not that casual. When asked what was it like to work at MTV, the response then was, “it’s like dating the most popular guy in high school, he treats you like shit, but at least you’re dating him.”

One year, the execs got all McKinsey on us and reengineered our division, resulting in excessive staffing of specialists to serve clients. With new staff came the need for team building exercises, which takes us to a sulfur-infested inlet near Key West, Florida.

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Remember the early years, season two, she falls in love with her cardio patient Denny, cheats his donor qualification and crumbles, we all crumble, when he dies shortly after. An impressive performance made a star out of this girl. Then, well, Dr. Stevens wanted out of the series and not even CPR from Shonda could save her.

One day, a few months back, that kinda ornery actress shows up cooking on tv – happy, homey, aprony — making this pasta that others melted over. I loved the simple ingredients for weeknight possibilities and double McCreamy brie cheese does all the heavy flavor lifting.

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For those of you on our holiday card exchange list, I apologize. I’m about to take away the smoke and mirrors, fling open the curtain, break the fourth wall, and reveal the illusion that those smiling subjects, posed ever so gleefully on the front of our holiday cards, are fake. It’s not that we can’t take authentically happy family photos. We just can’t get them to come together within the rushed thirty minute intersection of available time when our daughter’s home from college for an already hectic Thanksgiving weekend and I, despite having three camera lenses, cannot take a focused, marginally-lit photograph. Perhaps the lens is affected by angst in the air.

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