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There once was a vegetable that had a green color,
with seeds in the middle of its corehead.

When it was good it was very, very good
but when it was bad it was horrid.

This a very, very good way to eat zucchini. It’s raw and splashed with lemon juice, so you don’t have that bitter or mushy business to deal with. This summer vegetable is low in calories and filled with nutrients. I modified this recipe from Eating Local, The Cookbook Inspired by America’s Farmers which I bought to help me find something new to do with favorite vegetables and to learn what to do with the new items.
1. Slice zucchini with my preferred vegetable peeler (or mandaline for you sassy types)
2. Add:
lemon juice
s&p to taste
toasted pine nuts (they called for toasted sliced almonds)
torn lettuce (I didn’t have arugula per the recipe)
fresh basil
garlic (I forgot to add and it was delish)
shaved parmesan (leave off if you’re vegetarian)
I made a double batch – lunch and dinner today.
Zucchini Ribbons Part 2

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