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If this doesn’t get the kids to the table, nothing will. This clever idea comes from the wish-I-had-thought-of-it file and designer Diana Paisis. Airplane Food is a set of disposable placemats that fold into paper airplanes. Each set of 52 placemats offers five unique retro airplane designs. They come shrink wrapped to be the perfect gift for that kid who needs incentive to clean his plate or the parent who is tired of the struggle. Amazon sells them for $12.99 and even offers used for less yuck, but you can find them for a dollar or two less at various online sites like Fat Brain or Perpetual Kid. I noticed Fat Brain warned that these placemats are not safe for kids under 3 yearsold which made me wonder is it the threat of choking on a wad of placemat or is it papercuts on the tiny wrists that concern their lawyers. Safe flight!


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