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Is there a more perfect food than salmon? Easy to cook, good hot, cold, plain or dressed up AND super good for your heart. All those omega-3’s smooth your french fry ruffled arteries and calm your palpitations. Summer time is salmon time in Seattle but even here we are conscious of cost and environmental consequences. We stick to wild salmon and buy it whole to get the best deals and freshest fillets. Any fish counter will fillet or steak it for free. Cooking it is a breeze on the grill as long as you resist treating it like a hamburger. In other words DO NOT flip your fish. We lay it skin side toward the heat to prevent sticking. We season the top with what ever is on hand. Our standby is a variation on Tom Douglas’s “rub with love” Paprika, brown sugar, salt pepper and thyme mixed together and sprinkled on top. Be generous on the sugar on the kids end and show me one that can resist that sweet fatty (in a good way!) glazed fish.


  1. Carol Skinger says Feb 9th 2011 7:02 am

    I love the nutritional information you give and the way you write your pieces. I want to make your salmon steak dish. What are the vegetables pictured with the salmon steak? And what did you add to them when cooking? Thanks for your reply in advance. Carol

    • Sherri says Feb 9th 2011 12:00 pm

      Hi Carol, Thanks for the nice words. Wouldn’t it have been good of me to include that information at the get go? Okay, just a simple fast stir-fry (so often of what we have on hand) but this one was led by bok choy. I sliced it into thinner strips because I find it too bitter for the kids. I added in onions and carrots for sweetness and a fitful of bamboo shoots so that I could feel like a Beni Hana chef. Also, garlic and fresh ginger, if you have it, salt and pepper bring the flavors together.

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