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Last year in the middle of the economic plight, when I cut my grocery bill in half and made my daughter buy her clothes at Melrose Trading Post, I traveled to Tuscany. I had the mozzarella balls to accept an offer of travelling with my cousins that I couldn’t refuse, but had to do the trip on the cheap. Fortunately, outside of our Tuscan farmhouse, close by the howling dogs and grunting pigs, there was a fig tree. We ate figs in some way for every meal. Figs are high in fiber and potassium – an essential dietary balance to pasta or Italian bread or just the binding issue of travel. Ciao down!

This is my favorite way to eat figs with crumbled goat cheese, drizzled honey, cracked pepper and then warmed in the microwave for thirty seconds max. Serve a platter for appetizers or have it for a light meal. The protein/carb combo will give you all the energy you need to start the day. Some people call it this season pre-football or back-to-school – for me it’s fig season. How about you? – please share your fig prep ideas.


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