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Most of you know about CSA’s (community support agriculture) and likely participate. About a year ago, I signed up for Farm Fresh to You at Unique LA craft fair, mostly to force myself into eating produce that I wouldn’t likely purchase – seeCan we Love a Fava Bean?.

The produce comes fresh-picked from the owners’ farms and is delivered every other week. FFtY offers options for delivery schedule, box size, fruits, vegetables or combinations and the best part, an elimination chart. I vow someday to eliminate my eliminations page, but for now I cannot make friends with brussel sprouts, eggplant or beets – unless someone provides me with sure-fire recipes.

The produce is so fresh, honestly, leafy greens last for weeks in my refrigerator.

Safflowers on display at Farm Fresh to You's storefront at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

On Tuesday mornings, I watch out of the window for the delivery truck to pull up and then I accost the poor driver who has to tolerate my comments. “I tried kale in a frittata last week,” I shout at him. Like he hasn’t heard that before. There’s at least something new for me within each box. This week, it was an assortment of hot peppers . Come back to see how I used the peppers for breakfast and in Thai Shrimp Soup.

I encourage you to try a CSA in your hometown. It’s a great way to stay local, seasonal, and healthy and you a boxed present delivered right to your doorstep.


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