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Dr. April reports: Summer in the Northwest was in a word-grim. Although it didn’t rain, on many days the sun failed to show up until 3 or 4, if at all. Desperate for warmth and sun we booked a last minute trip to Hawaii just before school started. Vacations can be tricky for eating and our cheeseburger quotient did go up. But! We worked hard to eat real food for dinner most nights. Taking advantage of outdoor grills and the kitchen of our rented condo we tried as many different fishes as we could and offer our thoughts.

Ono – Means “good” in Hawaiian. Very firm and tastes a bit like chicken-perhaps it was the original chicken of the sea? It needed more marinade than we had access to.

Opah – Reminded me a bit of east coast blue fish-firm and fishy in a good way. Great straight up grilled.

Mahi mahi – The kids favorite- mild, easy to pan saute.

Ume – A completely new one and my favorite. At the fish market they called it “grey snapper.” We went full bore Hawaiian and baked it with Macadamia nuts on top! Delicious.

Try a new fish today! TheAmerican Heart Association recommends at least two servings of fish per week to help prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Whole Foods’ fish case. Look fresh fish for $10 or less!

You don’t have to go to Hawaii to find great fish. Check with your fish monger – which could be the guy at Ralph’s or Costco in the white hat and apron who also serves up beef chuck. See what fish is in the freshest, cheapest, smells the best and load up. To make it easier, we’ve found ten easy to prepare fish recipes. Don’t forget Crunchtime’s own how-tos for ceviche, fish baked in parchment, grilled tuna options, fish tacos, and fishcakes.


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