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from top and clockwise: feta cheese, grilled lemon chicken, hummus, red bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, pita triangles (center)

Tragedy – I am addicted to the lazy susan.

Comedy – Some nights I’m too lazy to turn it.

Ever since I bought the lazy susan, I cannot stop making smorgasbord dinners. Sure, we have a few more tiny dishes to wash, but that job ends up in the husband department, perpetuating the lazy in susan. Susan delivers – dinner is more engaging for kids, they eat more because they’ve assembled it, but the real benefit for a meal like this, is that it’s prepped way before I need it. With just a few exhausting trips between the refrigerator and table, I yell, “dinner is ready.” It’s ready-to-serve and it’s fresh, which is especially helpful on these days when I’m not quite sure what time everyone will be ready to eat.

You know how it is, kids get older (16 and 10), they start making their own plans and mom’s are less in charge – so painful for one who likes to know her plans. Don’t get me started on the mystery that is still this summer.

A dinner that I can organize and make on my terms, but I can put on the table on their schedule, just works for everyone. And, we cannot say enough about the healthy qualities of Mediterranean food. It is good for the heart and that’s good for the soul. Try it with our lemon chicken, so easy and tasty for a few meals.

So, get lazy tonight and put some greek foods on stage. Break a leg…of chicken or lamb.


  1. Leslie Howard says Apr 3rd 2011 7:10 am

    This is a great idea. I love all these ingredients but if I served it in a salad they would never eat it. I used your chicken lettuce wraps similarly…it is all about the self-assembly. Another thing I have tried is putting cut up vegetables (in “fancy” ways like julliene and curled) in colorful ramekins and let them assemble their own salad. Trickery is the name of the game. I am off to buy a lazy susan.

    • Sherri says Apr 4th 2011 6:56 am

      I’m all over that make-your-own-salad idea. A salad bar at the table – brilliant way to divert the attention away from refusing vegetables to handling them. And they will eat their own work no matter the taste. Thanks for ideas. BTW, bought the Lazy Susan at Uncommon Goods. It’s pricy, but looks good on the table.

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