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Sorry down under friends, but I was never too fond of shrimp on the barbie because in my experience those little guys singed up too fast making the shrimp dry. The barbeque cooking flavor also overpowered the delicate tasting shrimp. What I’m really saying, I think, is that I was never too fond of MY shrimp on the barbie ’cause likely I cooked them too long.

Last night, however, I was searching for something to go with a salad tartine (post coming soon) which calls for grilled bread. The grill was going and the shrimp were looking at me, so I gave it a whirl and the grilled shrimp turned out great. I liked them and the kids, well, give them a stick with a sharp point, and the possibilities for happiness are overwhelming.

Best part, as always, is that a monkey, or maybe we say a koala, could make these rather impressive dinner foods. In fact, it’s so easy, it’s not worthy of a recipe card. So, here you have it:

1. uncooked shrimp – rubbed with some olive oil, salt & pepper

2. sticks (skewers if you must) – soak in water for thirty minutes before grilling

3. thread shrimp on sticks the way you see above (we’re going for surface area)

4. grill on medium heat – 2-3 minutes a side – just until pink and opaque – don’t overcook

5. congratulate yourself with a glass of wine and a wink in the mirror – you are awesome!



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