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More art than cooking, this film dared to limit written instruction and yet spoke volumes about the beauty of preparing food. Perhaps the antithesis of crunchtime, but need it be? The masterful creators,Tiger in a Jar, made this film for giltaste, the food gilt site curated by none other than former Gourmet editor, Ruth Reichl.

If you love what Tiger in a Jar did for beet cake, wait until you see the extraordinary piece they made for ribboned asparagus salad. They’ve managed to slow down the cooking process and speed up the instruction all in one vignette.

Tiger in a Jar made this film for another thing of beauty Kinfolk magazine. For those who prefer a little written instruction for your ribboned asparagus salad: toast pine nuts in either an oven or in a pan on medium-low heat where you should stir occasionally to keep the nuts from burning. Their toasting fragrance will tell you when they’re getting close.
Matt and Julie, the genius duo behind Tiger in a Jar, who shared with me that they use a Canon 5D for their films (shut up!), also make movies for hire. Swoon with me over how they celebrate love or gave tribute toNan.


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