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Our contest is closed and the winner chosen. Although randomly selected, the stars aligned giving our $500 prize package provided by CalNaturale Svelte and Baby Boot Camp to a uniquely deserving soul. Our creative participants, and you know who you are, turned out in droves to cite their favorite fruits that they blend into smoothies. The list was inspired, running the gamut and yet one super ingredient topped the list. Can you guess which one?




First things first. Our winner is an expectant mom who has endured fifteen weeks of bed rest awaiting the birth of her baby. I’m not sure I can think of any one more deserving than our winner Kendra, from Charlottsville, Virginia, whose “papaya” entry landed her the big prize. Kendra, we’re wishing you health and happiness from across the country and beyond! Your prize package from our generous sponsorsCalNaturale Svelte, Baby Boot Camp, Fila, Wahoo, and Goody is on it’s way.




The number one answer for favorite fruit in smoothie, survey said…”strawberries” ahh. If you guessed right, then you know how to please a crowd with smoothie service. Abra said it best, “I LOVE strawberries!!!! Seeds, sunshine, and sweetness that also whitens your teeth! How can that be a bad thing?”



I’m craving some of your other suggestions too: kiwi, pineapple, bananas, blueberries, carrot juice, apples, beet juice, cherries, broccoli, lemons, lettuce,mango(don’t get me started), peaches, nectarine, Bea listed ginger (so good for morning sickness or upset tummies). Erin, also expecting, adds avocado (great for complexion too). Amorette makes hers with dates, yum. Alicia likes lime as does Jacinda, but her smoothies are margaritas – soon pregnant mommies, soon.



Thanks everyone for entering, especially to our pregnant moms: Kendra, Erin, Sandy, Kate, and Ashley. And thanks to our terrific sponsorsCalNaturale Svelteand Baby Boot Camp for keeping it real.


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Come back tomorrow when we kick-off another giveway. This one is book smart and foodalicious!


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