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Trying to eliminate that elusive word “perfect” from my vocabulary after spending a lifetime in search of it. It likes to hide behind things like puberty, stocky genetics, and kettle chip cravings while showing up like a mirage in photoshopped models, Botox, and this one. Before I press delete, I have tell you about a way I discovered to cook fish and chicken on the grill that turns outperfectflawless every time.

solace cabin's rub on halibut


Admittedly, any good idea on my part came out of laziness or – like post-it notes-mistakes.

We’ve been living out of our kitchen for a month while our foundation under the kitchen is being worked on (those stocky genes while eating kettle chips have been stressing out the under layer). Although we are out of kitchen, we are not out of cooking thanks to toaster ovens, blenders, microwaves, and grills. I packed up everything I thought we’d need for our pop-up kitchen, but forgot tongs. Hmm…I wrapped each piece of fish in foil so I could flip them around the grill surface with a not-gripping tool in my arsenal. You can see where I’m going and most certainly you grilling geniuses and camping connoisseurs have long been foil pouching your food.


unwrapped from cooking foil


With a sprinkle of my new favorite spice from Solace Cabin, this sale piece of halibut cooked so well, I tried it the next night with chicken. And soon after with salmon. Perfection every time.


rosemary chicken before wrap


two breast feed a family


The how-to is simple and not in need of a recipe:

  • Tear off foil pieces large enough to wrap individual servings of fish or chicken (non-stick foil even better)
  • Place filet on top of foil and season to your liking (thin lemon slices are insanely flavorful, herbs, sauces, etc).
  • Cook on med grill for about 3-5 minutes each side. Cooking time will vary depending on your grill and the size of your portions.


  1. Elizabeth says Nov 20th 2011 11:30 am

    What is your favorite spice from Solace Cabin?

  2. Sherri says Nov 20th 2011 11:43 am

    My favorite is really the beef because it has coffee and some heat in it. It’s amazing how the seasoning elevated the taste of tenderloin.

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