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Restraint is never been invited to Thanksgiving dinner. By the time we’ve churned out great grandma’s noodles and Aunt Betty’s famous sweet potatoes, included treasures from our in-laws and traditional must-haves, and added new embellishments (see me about failed corn bread stuffing), there is enough food on the table for legions of guests. Leftovers disappear in the days following usually in glops of gravied sandwiches and microwaved menageries.


stuffing cake & turkey leftovers

Stuffing cakes turn a savory side dish into an open face sandwich with intention. By forming cakes out of leftover stuffing and then browning on both sides in a lightly oiled pan (or not because most stuffings are loaded with melted butter), leftovers get a new attitude.

Here at crunchtime we believe today’s leftovers are tomorrow’s ingredients at least it’s a whole lot easier justifying not cooking for a night. Note: Store turkey slices in chicken stock to retain its moisture. No dried out turkey for us.

Happy Thanksgiving and the days to follow.


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