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Another book is out praising the French for their approach to food only this one focuses on children and has stirred up a debate of whether French make better parents. According to the American author, who raised her kids in Paris, French kids readily eat nearly all vegetables without complaint because at an early age they acquire a taste. It’s the persistence, not the demands, that give French children a chance to learn to like vegetables. Would they rather eat cake? Oui. But they also eat vegetables…did I say without complaint?

As an American, I’ll go right to a popular French sweet after school snack that makes its way to breakfast thanks to the masterful chef and ex-pat living in Paris, Dorie Greenspan, who offered a quick breakfast idea that would make even the French take notice.

that's all you need


Hazelnut butter to the French is what peanut butter is to us. Most of us know it as Nutella, but there are hazelnut spreads without the sugar that we prefer more. Combined with the flavors of orange marmalade and a morsel or two of sea salt grains, any slice of challah or brioche elevates to patisserie quality. It takes minutes to make this celebration breakfast, here’s how:

  • Spoon hazelnut spread and marmalades into small bowls. Microwave each enough to soften for easy spreading.
  • Melt butter to light spread onto bread slices.
  • Brush slices with butter on one side and toast in toaster oven or oven until golden brown.
  • Spread marmalade on toasted slice.
  • Drizzle on hazelnut spread from tines of a fork.
  • Top with a few grains of sea salt.

petit dejeuner




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