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We are back in business after months of remodeling and the perpetual dust cloud that prevented any real bout of cooking. One can’t complain when the prize was a newfangled kitchen island. What’s wrong with the person who gets more excited about a suspension shelf to hold her KitchenAid mixer she’s had longer than her tweenager, than she does about a two-story addition to the house? If my husband only knew better, a shelf might have sufficed. There’s been one more distraction – this girl and the bittersweet parenting moment that is high school graduation. I beam and ache (yay-ouch).

Bucatini all’Amatriciana, a fancy way of saying spaghetti with pancetta and spice. Popular with chefs like Mario Batallia who explains its origins, but I found this uber-easy recipe:Bon Appetit. Using salty porks to punch up flavor rather than a heavy main course, keeps salt and fat properties in check, but doesn’t rob you of their luscious flavors.

The real reason for serving up authentic Italian fare is for my friends Kate and David who get married this week in Umbria. I leave Monday to meet up with these friends and this friend to witness, toast, and celebrate the nuptials of two people who exemplify love.


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