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Chocolate waffles.

If I don’t think in themes, I don’t think. Let’s eat at this waffle jointI insisted when shopping with my daughter for her upcoming right-of-passage trip to Europe. A stopover in Brussels inspired, you guessed it, a theme. Belgium – waffles ,Trask, radio. No ordinary waffle joint that dots the LA landscape, this standing room only cove in Santa Monica even has healthy options for mom’s metabolism. Do you eat vicariously through your skinny children too? Curse. My son fell in love with chocolate waffles and has been begging for them ever since.

batter down

I found this low-sugar, high flavorchocolate waffle recipe. Cocoa enriches the flavor while a 50/50 balance of white and wheat flours limits refined starches. No need for syrup with a light, and I mean light, dusting of powdered sugar and a slippery cascade of sliced strawberries.

Make a double batch and freeze the rest for toaster waffles on another day.



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