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This salad turns summer’s bounty on its head and gives fear to the September’s arrival. Charring corn crystalizes the sugars and when combined with tangy mini heirlooms and fragrant basil fresh from the farm box…well, you too might be babbling in menuspeak.

July Bon Appetit offered up this seasonal solution for any barbecue gathering. We rocked it into sumptuous Mexi-cali salad the next day by adding in red lettuce, sliced avocados, pumpkin seeds, cilantro, roasted shrimp, sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and lime juice. Add a splash of olive oil if you’re so inclined.


charred corn salad

crunchtime: 25 minutes

crunchservings: 8

12 ears of corn, husked, rubbed with bit of olive oil

5 T olive oil

1 c thinly sliced red onion – rinse in water to mellow flavor

1 1/2 c heirloom cherry tomoatoes (or whatever tomato idea lurks in your home)

1 c fresh basil leaves, torn (as essential as the corn itself)

1/2 c lime juice

2 T fresh thyme

salt & pepper

  • On medium-high grill, grill corn, turning frequently until it’s charred and heated through. 12-15 minutes, depending on the grill.
  • When cooled, remove corn.
  • Combine onion, oil, tomatoes, basi, lime juice, and thyme into corn.


  • Grill corn in advance, assemble salad up to an hour in advance.
  • No you can’t use canned corn.
  • Harvest basil and tomatoes from your backyard. Do not start growing them for this recipe.


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