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An east coast feed in my west coast timezone means that the morning news show is waiting for me when I wake up, enabling Power Today Show viewing. Three hours in thirty minutes is made possible with a few Al Roker flyovers, commercial and local break drops, segments with tan moms, octamoms, mean moms, makeover moms, concerts, below-title celebrities, Today’s Professionals, and anything reading Kardashian in the lower third.

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I screech for the first-hour news, political insights, serious journalists,Michael Isakoff, Brokow, all things Kate Middleton, America’s Test Kitchen, What’s Trending, the Ann Curry removal,and this woman who at first blush seems ultra clinical, but she always offers helpful tips. Today’s topic, changing your environment to lose weight – the illusion of food presentation.

She’s onto something, not just for weight loss but for forming better eating habits for all of us, especially kids. I mean some of these tips we’ve heard (smaller plate size), but when applying them to kids’ food consumption, it’s rather genius.

If we even allow juice, let’s pour it into our smallest glasses and serve protein-strong milk in the big glass. Just ask Michael Bloomberg – size matters.


Same is true for plating. We’ll get our kids to eat more by serving the healthier foods on a larger plate. They’ll love the big guy status of the big plate and they’ll see less food they have to finish.

Not so fast Dad, you get the small plate.


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