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Do you ever date produce for its looks alone? I’m that shallow too. When I spotted these beauties hanging out in produce, I couldn’t resist temptation. I’ve never been much of a cooked carrot fan, but maybe that’s because cooks of yesteryear, like the lovable lunch ladies or dinner moms, who relied on one-pot, one-shot meals – cooked carrots into oblivion.

By roasting baby carrots, we bring out their natural sugars which caramelize under high temperatures. In just 25 minutes, the carrots release optimum flavor while retaining an appealing, not appalling, toothsome texture. Kids are naturally drawn to the rainbow presentation and love the heightened flavor that roasting can bring to the sometime bland food.

Basic recipe:

  1. Peel 1 lb carrots
  2. Toss in olive oil, salt & pepper, 2 T fresh thyme leaves, 1 t dried thyme leaves
  3. Roast at 400 for 25 minutes.

Spring is my favorite season in Los Angeles. Jasmine fills the air, flowers are vivid, and grass still green. Spring provides new growth, renewal. It’s also a time when many kids await decisions from schools, anticipating their own renewal. Kids, young kids, up to high school seniors, wanting to be accepted; worrying am I good enough, have I done everything I could. They work astonishingly hard during their precious childhood. Trading downtime for test prep tutoring, playtime for application writing, and fun for work. If you are one of the many people on the edge of your seat, I wish your kids good fortune, but mostly resolve and pride in their work.

Many of you are embarking on Spring Break vacations or hosting your own Passover and Easter dinners. I wish you safe travels and loving family times. And for those of you amid March Madness, let it be known, I have the lead in my family’s brackets. Spring forward.


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