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Are we good? Menus planned, tablescapes envisioned, family baggage in storage. Just in case, I’m taking this online classto ready the table and reminded of these easy foodstuff ideas…

herbed turkey

Herbed Turkey Breast – a go-to roast turkey that hit’s it every time.

cumin roasted squash soup

Cumin Roasted Squash Soup – as first course or meal teaser; a perfect do-ahead that reheats with gusto.


fresh cranberry cocktail

Fresh Cranberry Cocktail– captures the season’s flavors in a signature libation.


carrots in pan

Thyme Roasted Carrots– Breaks up the beige-tones of Thanksgiving.


kick 'em in the nuts

Spiced Rosemary Nuts– We can’t stop eating these. Protein, healthy fats, what’s not to love.

So guys, the next post is for the leftovers, for when it’s all done. Much like the food we’re served, let’s savor the holiday while we can.






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