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Did you wake up today in need of a healthy detox that relieves cotton-mouth as a bonus? Happy New Year to you and your resolution because we have a juicing concoction worked out in our kitchen laboratory that replicates the crazy deliciousTrue Food Kitchen’snectar of the gods. Let me be up front about this – I do not like kale juice or kale chips. Somehow in those presentations kale tastes like food meant for gophers. One cannot ignore the health bennies of this hearty green so when TFK served up a thirst quenching, delicious kale drink, I set out to replicate it at home.

drink your vegetables and fruits

TFK’s menu generously identifies kale-aid’s ingredients – seen above, but neglectfully omits measurements requiring the laborious task of recreating the beverage juice by juice. Rude.

obsessive concoction disorder

I learned two things from this process – that vegetable juice needs fruit juice to be delicious and that one can never own too many measuring vessels.


They say – they being those helpful people who make-up rules we should live by – that we should blend our fruits and juice our vegetables. Fruit pulp is fiberific and best if blended intosmoothiebeverages. Vegetables also offer fiber qualities, but nutrients from vegetables absorb more quickly in our bodies when in juice form. Who knew?


I imagine you could also blend the entire recipe without the need for a juicer nor its clean-up tasks, producing a drink that both tastes great and is full of pulpy fiber. For the quenching satisfaction, however, I prefer to get it juiced.




preptime: 5 minutes makes 2, 12 oz servings

1 bunch kale – 5 oz.

2 celery stalks

1 med. cucumber

2 med. apples

1 peeled lemon

1″ ginger root

  • Juice each produce item according to your juicer manufacturer’s directions into one container.
  • Stir well and serve over ice.



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  1. Pamela says Feb 26th 2014 7:59 am

    This looks great- thanks for the preperation tips.

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