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Right. Chickpea and kale curry was not the dream dinner you were hoping for tonight. And forget getting the kids on board.  Kinda seems unfinished, like it needs lamb meatballs or a ring of bologna on top.  Believe me. This simple, incredibly easy, meatless, hassleless, exotically savory meal is totally, certifiably … Read More

For those of you on our holiday card exchange list, I apologize. I’m about to take away the smoke and mirrors, fling open the curtain, break the fourth wall, and reveal the illusion that those smiling subjects, posed ever so gleefully on the front of our holiday cards, are fake. … Read More

Ever since a Santa Fe girlfriends’ weekend, I’ve been craving a rice bowl meal.  This spicy tuna bowl relies on the salty rich tang of Japanese seasonings combined with wake-up your palate dressing and then it’s loaded with veggies.  Sriracha brings the spice instead of the usual suspect, wasabi, because we’re … Read More

I wasn’t looking for a veggie burger until someone on television made it so enticing that I couldn’t resist.  It took three  “mmm”s of approval by someone eating it, before I gave in to a recipe that had been created by a tv weatherman.  Turns out, there is a little … Read More

There’s a dirty little secret about granola, which we’re cleaning up.  Granola is like the Miley Cyrus of breakfast foods – you think she’s just wholesome bites of Hannah Montana and stuff like that, and then you find out there’s some twerk and weed in that food.

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