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I struggle with home baking as a crunchtime solution until I realize that the time we devote at the onset, for the right recipe, pays us back with ready-made breakfasts and cinnamon baking kitchen aroma, signaling either fall is here or we’re staging our home for sale. Although we can … Read More

We just returned from Winterlake Lodge, located in a perfectly remote area of Alaska, specifically at mile 198 along the world famous dog-sledding path, the Iditarod Trail. Seclusion was found after a one-hour flight, by seaplane, from the Anchorage base, conveniently adjacent to Ted Stevens International Airport. I found it … Read More

You know the term rising? It’s a summer term to indicate the grade a child will enter in the fall, as in will be a freshman or freshman rising. My daughter is now, at this very moment, entering her last summer rising. She will be a senior come September. We … Read More

Stuffing. What? youse got your bread, vegetables, seasonings, salt, some more salt – badda bing! If stuffing’s never been your assignment on Thanksgiving, be brave because we have a recipe that’s a doozy.

Apologies to my Jersey friends, but we are at The Shore in Southern Cal all week because the … Read More

Have you ever made candy at home? Wildly popular gluten-free blogger, Aron Goyoaga, from Cannelle et Vanille, recently published a book, that showed how easy it is to make a toffee not just for her pear bundt cake, but as a simple sweet ingredient that will heighten cookies, ice cream, … Read More

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