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I struggle with breakfast proteins. We love eggs in our household, but after awhile the egg thing gets boring and a glass milk isn’t enough. Honestly, we’d eat bacon for every meal, but it’s harder and harder to get behind the processed meat category, despite manufacturers’ promises to eliminate nitrates … Read More

For most of us, weekday pancakes aren’t an option. If we were even to go out on a breakfast service limb and prepare any maple-syrupped item, it would be a freezer-to-toaster venture or a box mix + tap water recipe. There’s no big miracle here except that the ingredients … Read More

What to serve guests in the morning? It bakes while you prepare coffee, slice fruit, and take a moment of quiet before this happens.

Oatmeal hasn’t been my kid’s thing, since he was a baby. Now that I think about it, maybe he always hated oatmeal but couldn’t avoid spoon-feeding. Once … Read More

We just returned from Winterlake Lodge, located in a perfectly remote area of Alaska, specifically at mile 198 along the world famous dog-sledding path, the Iditarod Trail. Seclusion was found after a one-hour flight, by seaplane, from the Anchorage base, conveniently adjacent to Ted Stevens International Airport. I found it … Read More

We call this morning cake, not because you can make it on weekday mornings, unless that is, you’re a time-to-make-the-donuts kind of person. I mean, the prep is easy enough, but the bake & rest times are longer and require some planning. It’s morning cake because, although raspberry ricotta cake … Read More

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