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We’re not fulfilling FDA’s food pyramid, despite fresh lime juice affording some fruit properties. Margarita sorbet will, however, satisfy one of the major happiness groups on our pyramid of life. You know the section, just below spiritual enrichment, right above spa treatments, to the left of baby goat videos. That’swhere … Read More

Did you wake up today in need of a healthy detox that relieves cotton-mouth as a bonus? Happy New Year to you and your resolution because we have a juicing concoction worked out in our kitchen laboratory that replicates the crazy deliciousTrue Food Kitchen’snectar of the gods. Let me be … Read More

The sign at the farmer’s market stand read “out of Persian mulberries.” I didn’t know what the hell these were, but knew I should need to have them – like a diabolical iPhone marketing ploy where low supply generates obsessive demand. When the next stand had this beauties, we bought … Read More

What better way to overcome guilt demons than with a kid cocktail offering. What no milk, who died?

It’s been a smoldering couple of days (and nights) in Southern California. First, we long for a warm summer night buried in our Midwestern memories and then when one comes along – panic. … Read More

Let’s just say that previous explorations with said fruitriled up my son to ask for more. And who wouldn’t have superserved her kid’s every food wish before he left for two weeks of sleepaway camp? Like he isn’t eating dinner doused in sprinkles, cup o’syrup for breakfast, and deep-fried almost … Read More

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