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Somehow, slices of winter’s citrus becomes an acceptable dessert for guests when showered with vanilla bean syrup. At least no one complained at our 24th annual World Christmas – Cuba style. Dr. April’s beansand baked rice (recipe coming), a helping hand from the famous Porto’s Bakery, three batches of mojitos … Read More

Why apple custard tart? Because this one is thrown together in minutes and gives big ‘oohs’ for the holidays.

If there ever was a crunchtime… Stacks of stacks printed out, torn out recipes that once were Christmas hopefuls until the wrapping devil bitchslapped the week – wasn’t that one of the … Read More

If possible, I would insert the wafts of warm, pâtisseriescents that billow out of my oven so you could scratch and sniff this photograph. “What are you baking and I want a piece now!” the 13 year old demanded in his loud, crackling teenage boy voice. I took it as … Read More

Our contest is closed and the winner chosen. Although randomly selected, the stars aligned giving our $500 prize package provided by CalNaturale Svelte and Baby Boot Camp to a uniquely deserving soul. Our creative participants, and you know who you are, turned out in droves to cite their favorite fruits … Read More

Let’s just say that previous explorations with said fruitriled up my son to ask for more. And who wouldn’t have superserved her kid’s every food wish before he left for two weeks of sleepaway camp? Like he isn’t eating dinner doused in sprinkles, cup o’syrup for breakfast, and deep-fried almost … Read More

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