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Put the white in red, white & blue this 4th of July with sumptuous chicken burgers. Celebrating our fiftieth state, we add a few items to take chicken burgers from bland to grand.

Let’s see how, but first, a story about patriotic jury duty on a criminal trial involving a transvestite … Read More

Are we good?  Menus planned, tablescapes envisioned, family baggage in storage.  Just in case, I’m taking this online class to ready the table and reminded of these easy foodstuff ideas…

Are you excited as I am for Thanksgiving or are you starting to dread it?  Maybe that depends on your role.

Will you be a guest, a potluck participant, or the sole cook this Thanksgiving?  They all require effort, just in different ways.  As guests, we’re still on the hook for … Read More


Twenty one years and counting.

The teenager who once donned costumes and wrote plays for our annual Christmas celebration, does her part now by asking “will there be goat cheese?” The boy, eleven, enthusiastic in spirit, selected the country based on the amount of chocolate  involved. Yet, it wouldn’t be Christmas … Read More

If I tell you that these homemade cinnamon rolls are easy, would you believe me? Admittedly, slightly (just slightly) more elbow grease will go into these gooey wonders than cracking open a tube of the Pillsbury laboratory project, but the taste is better here and these somewhat nutritious ingredients appear … Read More

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