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Oh my god, I looooove them, mytwin nieces exclaimed, in unison as twins do, when I asked about the peanut butter treats their mom, my sister, makes. Remember these are the people who gave us swag bars-kid-friendly treats without any guilt and a whole lotta swagger.

If you’re like me, … Read More

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I struggle with home baking as a crunchtime solution until I realize that the time we devote at the onset, for the right recipe, pays us back with ready-made breakfasts and cinnamon baking kitchen aroma, signaling either fall is here or we’re staging our home for sale. Although we can … Read More

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Let’s say that I started this post for the Super Bowl and now it’s become a March Madness idea. Good thing turkey jerky lasts that long.

I have been negligent here because of some travel and some moving of my dad from Denver to Santa Monica – now he’ll have to … Read More

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This might be the easiest recipe, producing the most transformative results that ever has found placement onto our little blog that could.

2 ingredients and 2 minutes

Y’all know that without guilt we can sing the virtues of dark chocolate.

Anyone need a mental boost – shopping inertia, test cramming, holiday schedule … Read More

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Are we good? Menus planned, tablescapes envisioned, family baggage in storage. Just in case, I’m taking this online classto ready the table and reminded of these easy foodstuff ideas…

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