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Creamless Mushroom Soup

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Looking at this soup, you’d say at least it has nice handwriting and fortunately really rich flavor for not having cream. It’s no cauliflower soup. Mushrooms just don’t have cauli creamability, but they make up for it in umami intensity. And so in which cookbook did we find  creamless mushroom soup … Read More

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Another chicken soup recipe, right? Wrong. This chicken vegetable soup delivers a low cal, satisfying complete meal that conquers the food pyramid while fulfilling our cravings for something that just tastes good. The difference from typical chicken soups – this one’s loaded with savior-like vegetables that don’t preach down and … Read More

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All diets on deck. We’re dabbling in thisdetox for six days, including caffeine, dairy, alcohol, sugar, gluten eliminations. My head aches thinking about morning tomorrow’s coffee deprivation.

Creamy vegetables reign supreme in this cleanse, so I’m pulling out one of my recent obsessions, creamy cauliflower soup that relies on this cruciferous’s … Read More

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Hey kids, we’re having peas. Come on mom, we had vegetables this week.

I pulverized them into baby food. gross and gross.

Yeah, and I added mint too. What? peas aren’t candy.

Best part. We don’t have to eat it?

No, it’s cold. Omg, give me anything but your cold pea soup.

Experts predict this … Read More

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Are we good? Menus planned, tablescapes envisioned, family baggage in storage. Just in case, I’m taking this online classto ready the table and reminded of these easy foodstuff ideas…

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