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What to serve guests in the morning? It bakes while you prepare coffee, slice fruit, and take a moment of quiet before this happens.

Oatmeal hasn’t been my kid’s thing, since he was a baby. Now that I think about it, maybe he always hated oatmeal but couldn’t avoid spoon-feeding. Once … Read More

Loving the breakfast cookie trend – take a bite of this, this, and this– kids think they’re getting something decadent for breakfast and you exert nothing more than a freezer-to-microwave maneuver. Carnival Cookies, they’re called and are the brilliant creation from natural food cookbookauthor, Heidi Swanson. The thing about Heidi, … Read More

This is my all-time favorite banana bread recipe fromBetty Crocker’s Cookbook.I’ve completely revised it to be 100% healthy, but 118% full of flavor. My kids think it tastes better than the original. Let’s start withbananas which are high in potassium and low in salt. I use carrots in the form … Read More

Fresh Berries Yogurt Granola crunch

Serve it in fancy glasswear to give your work its just display. Then, sip your coffee while the family goggles. Now, a few things about brands. I’ve searched the minefields of the grocer’s yogurt and cereal sections, reading nutritional labels and comparing prices, and because I’d rather … Read More