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I wasn’t looking for a veggie burger until someone on television made it so enticing that I couldn’t resist.  It took three  “mmm”s of approval by someone eating it, before I gave in to a recipe that had been created by a tv weatherman.  Turns out, there is a little … Read More

From Bon Appetit’s Food Lover’s Cleanse come a few recipes worthy of our permanent file.   Loaded with vegetables, including my previously avoided rooter – the parsnip – and zapped to perfection with a kick of complex chili flavor, we should eat white bean chili all winter long.

If you can get past the color, using black beans for hummus gives you a nutritional edge over garbanzos. I welcome the variety of and flexibility of using what’s in the pantry.

The difference in beans isn’t drastic, but noteworthy: fewer calories, less sodium and higher protein. I found the flavor … Read More

This is a story about a best friend, a birthday cele-vacation, and vegetables with hummus.  She and I worked at this place while veejays still roamed the halls and snookies were something you sent in a gift basket. When asked what was it like to work at MTV, the saying … Read More

We love turkey chili at crunchtime and for good reason. Savory chili is a one-pot meal, it’s freezer friendly, hard to mess up, and relies on two foods that are a-okay in cans.  When this recipe arrived on our Healthy Dinner Tonight fax from epicurious, its righteous balance of proteins … Read More

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