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The sign at the farmer’s market stand read “out of Persian mulberries.” I didn’t know what the hell these were, but knew I should need to have them – like a diabolical iPhone marketing ploy where low supply generates obsessive demand. When the next stand had this beauties, we bought … Read More

Chocolate waffles.

If I don’t think in themes, I don’t think. Let’s eat at this waffle jointI insisted when shopping with my daughter for her upcoming right-of-passage trip to Europe. A stopover in Brussels inspired, you guessed it, a theme. Belgium – waffles ,Trask, radio. No ordinary waffle joint that dots … Read More

When you’re a Cardiologist who’s a heartbeat away from the next stress-inducing challenge, cooking for guests might just put you over the edge. Not if you’re Dr. April.

She and husband Dr. Henry, welcomed our family to their weekend getaway in the San Juan Islands a way back in July. When she … Read More

..that is, if you’ve already spent a few stolen minutes – perhaps between hosting a play date of Nerf gun-slinging boys and deadheading your almost dead marigolds – whipping up a double batch of homemade, filled with good stuff, blueberry muffins.

For some, including me, homemade baked goods belong more in … Read More

This one is not for the hurried, not for the dieters, and not for the pastry purchasers. This jammy crostata, however, was a worthy attempt for me because it brought together the inspiration of two women who have made their mark on the culinary scene from different parts of the … Read More

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