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Wrapping up the behemoth project that was our photo book from African Family Vacation made me nostalgic for Kenya. It also made me slightly hostile toward my dueling shutter bugs, Kendall and Dan, for capturing one billion or so images that hijacked my laptop and from which we (I) culled … Read More

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There's something wild about this food.

Now, what were all those foods that they said were good for boosting brain power and memory? They’re on the tip of my tongue…sweetbreads? No. Recalled eggs? Nope. Smarties?

I remember, thanks to Cynthia Green and the editors of Prevention magazine and … Read More

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with roasting veggies that you normally eat raw or steamed! Blasted broccoli tossed with olive oil and garlic is a revelation-the crispy flowers taste almost fried. Cauliflower carmelizes into tender nuggets that are super tossed with curry. Fennel turns into licorice flavored sweet … Read More

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