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Another chicken soup recipe, right? Wrong. This chicken vegetable soup delivers a low cal, satisfying complete meal that conquers the food pyramid while fulfilling our cravings for something that just tastes good. The difference from typical chicken soups – this one’s loaded with savior-like vegetables that don’t preach down and … Read More

I prepared these fish tacos on a weeknight trying to use fish, fish for which I had another ambitious plan until it became too hot to grill. When did LA become biosphere? I have mushrooms growing in my yard at a time-lapsed movie pace. Pulling inspiration from many sources, I … Read More

You know how a certain food grabs you and your thoughts for days on end until you eat it one more time, finally satiating your desire and putting you into trance of gastronomic bliss? And then it starts all over again. Tell me I’m not alone.

There’s a neighborhood cafe that … Read More

There's something wild about this food.

Now, what were all those foods that they said were good for boosting brain power and memory? They’re on the tip of my tongue…sweetbreads? No. Recalled eggs? Nope. Smarties?

I remember, thanks to Cynthia Green and the editors of Prevention magazine and … Read More