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Most of our favorite condiments rely on vinegar – ketchup, pickles, mustard, barbecue sauce, salad dressings. Vinegar’s hit of pungent acidity provides a bitter/salt flavor combo that gets us to really notice the food it presents – like a ringmaster for the greatest bite on earth. Every cool chef in … Read More

All diets on deck. We’re dabbling in thisdetox for six days, including caffeine, dairy, alcohol, sugar, gluten eliminations. My head aches thinking about morning tomorrow’s coffee deprivation.

Creamy vegetables reign supreme in this cleanse, so I’m pulling out one of my recent obsessions, creamy cauliflower soup that relies on this cruciferous’s … Read More

Belize or bust in our house. I may have fought harder for this trip than any other. One possible sliver of time, when school vacations aligned and we safely circumnavigated all teenage social engagements, provided my resistant family a vacation they’ve earned and needed like never before.

You can make Indian spiced cauliflower soup, and you should it’s that good, healthy and low-cal.

A habit brews in my refrigerator. Buying cauliflower with the intention of eating it raw to get my cruciferous on, and time after time it turns brown before I can eat one more bite. Another … Read More

Things were happening at our house that made me negligent with cooking and posting. For nine weeks during the holidays we cooked out of a plug-in kitchenbecause the heart of our home had a situation. Although we were blessed with a host of small appliances that supported any food heating … Read More

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