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Not until I saw a waiter in Rome crack eggs into bowl of warm pasta, did I realize that the simple old world preparation for spaghetti carbonara did not include cream or peas or bacon. And not until I ate that carbonara this summer on a repressively hot day in … Read More

My experience at farmers markets goes something like this: buy more than I’ll ever eat, schlepp my bags with cart-envy, and get lessons from strangers. It’s the same for me at any market, in any town. I’m just happy to be among the food and the food people.

Squash blossom quesadilla … Read More

Risotto takes time. Not arduous time like, for instance, childbirth. Time, like the mediation portion of your yoga class, time.

Sizzle arborio rice in olive oil and then let the liquid incorporating dance begin. You could do this in your sleep or while striking a tree pose.

Can I write about real food and and not address prop 37 — California’s proposition to require that food producers label genetically modified ingredients?

It’s not that I’m entirely against genetically modified foods for instance when it comes to ways to feed the daunting food supply demands or for so I … Read More

Tapas, known as little bites of Spanish food, translates to “caps.” Turns out, Spaniards, in an effort to keep fruit flies out of their wine, put small plates on top of glasses – caps. An empty plate, well, might be worse than the fruit flies, so they added small amounts … Read More

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