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Oh my god, I looooove them, mytwin nieces exclaimed, in unison as twins do, when I asked about the peanut butter treats their mom, my sister, makes. Remember these are the people who gave us swag bars-kid-friendly treats without any guilt and a whole lotta swagger.

If you’re like me, … Read More

One ingredient, that is if you don’t count water. An incredible scientific approach to dessert. Are you like me and mousse is something you either put in your hair or order from a French restaurant? I never looked into preparing mousse at home. It seemed unapproachably Le Cordon Bleu. I … Read More

This might be the easiest recipe, producing the most transformative results that ever has found placement onto our little blog that could.

2 ingredients and 2 minutes

Y’all know that without guilt we can sing the virtues of dark chocolate.

Anyone need a mental boost – shopping inertia, test cramming, holiday schedule … Read More

You’re looking for satisfaction without calories. Something you can reach for in a fit of hunger say mid-afternoon or mid-this minute. Something that makes you ignore the Dulce de LecheHäagen-Dazs who whispers your name from the freezer as if whispers don’t affect thighs. Something that makes you feel like you’ve … Read More

Chocolate waffles.

If I don’t think in themes, I don’t think. Let’s eat at this waffle jointI insisted when shopping with my daughter for her upcoming right-of-passage trip to Europe. A stopover in Brussels inspired, you guessed it, a theme. Belgium – waffles ,Trask, radio. No ordinary waffle joint that dots … Read More

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