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The party-hopping salad I’ve been talking about.

From my mom’s choice recipe file, where rather bland lettuce & avocado become the life of the party with some help from nature’s sweet things like mandarine oranges. Poppyseed dressing adds a splash of sweetness as well. And then something quite special from that … Read More

So…we were in London and I count my lucky stars for having witnessed Danny Boyle’s peculiarly spectacular opening ceremonies firsthand. We soaked in any Olympic event we could get our hands on tennis, gymnastics, basketball, swimming thanks to the fine folks at NBC. I am in awe of our athletes … Read More

It’s no mystery that a salad with seafood and citrus can satisfy most appetites, but the citrus in this recipe might surprise you.

Sometimes, on rare occasion, when not minding my manners, I can dish out a bite of food snobbery. It’s simply passion talking, however, when singing the praises of … Read More