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Most grocers now devote an entire aisle to prepared pasta sauce.  Jarred sauces are great in a pinch (this is my go-to), but there’s something fresh and special about a simple sauce you make at home.  With a handful of ingredients, you can very easily pull together this vodka sauce … Read More

Before moving to Los Angeles, “craft services” meant something to me like scrapbooking displays.  If you don’t know, and I didn’t know, craft services or crafty, as the production crew refers to it, is food service on a production set.  Craft service provides meals, but the real attraction is the … Read More

We’re not dessert people. We never order our own desserts, yet eat our fair share using the extra spoon. We play a game of toss & eat these cookies around the family room most nights during Colbert. Rolled cookie dough resides in the freezer should a need for warm milk … Read More