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When I stepped away from my career to dazzle the world with my mothering prowess, just ask the kids how that’s working out for me, I looked for a thought-provoking tightrope that would suspend my brain between kid übering and spectator marathons of Little League games. UCLA sat 6 blocks … Read More

Most mornings I’m caught in a kitchen roundabout within the refrigerator-pantry-bread bin-fruit bowl intersection looking for a new breakfast idea until I arrive at what? fruit smoothies and poppyseed bagels again? Either the days are passing quickly or I am losing stamina ideas. I don’t know if this is a … Read More

It’s officially spring but winter and seasonal depression lag. In winter, and I’m speaking from having lived in Wisconsin, Chicago and New York, I craved maybe the worst foods to lift me from the winter doldrums. Comfort foods like potatoes, breads, pastas, and cookies – warm chocolate chip cookies – … Read More

1. Egg White Tostada

Egg white tostadas are only easy when you’re using ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen, which most likely occurs when you have remaining items from another meal, or if you live in Southwestern states and can’t help yourself at the farmer’s market when you see … Read More

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