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My apologies for obsessing over the Gjelina cookbook, but when I find a recipe that I leeerve, I have to share it with you. The buzz lately about kale is that it’s all washed up, passé, a has-been, a Norma Desmond, and now the it-superfood is All About Seaweed. Cool … Read More

El Niño is at the door and he’s not leaving. Good thing we got prepped for this lasting rainy cold weather last year in France. And in France, like in most places, food saves the day. Because we live in Los Angeles, we don’t get too ornery about vacation weather … Read More

Together. The inaugural theme.

Richard Blanco’sbrilliant words. The awe-inspiring Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. President Obama’s message. Purple gloves majesty joining amber waves of bangs. Did you ever notice that about two weeks after bangs are cut in, they’re always brushed to the side awaiting the grow-out?

I must add Doris Kearns Goodwin and … Read More

It first caught my attention when this magazine heralded the salad dressing we can’t live without. I have been splashing it on anything in the salad family, using the term salad loosely, and a scant amount is awaiting my return from here.

Although making your own salad dressing isn’t so easy … Read More

The very moment my food-enunciating paranoia hit was when I was on a date with a blue blood type boyfriend, whose parents challenged me with culinary tests like eating whole lobster and using sauce spoons. At an unpretentious restaurant while we glanced over the menu, he displayed a rare moment … Read More

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