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I could have just named this ‘hearty main course salad’, but then I would be neglecting vowels that quinoa and aioli provide. Options abound with this full meal salad. You can eliminate ingredients you don’t have or those you don’t like, but figs and quinoa are a must and I … Read More

When I left the corporate world and packed up my skirts and shirts, I had visions of cultivating a backyard orchard while growing seasonal vegetables in raised beds. Together, with my children, we would harvest the yield and then I would prepare farm fresh fare for our family dinners while … Read More

Last year in the middle of the economic plight, when I cut my grocery bill in half and made my daughter buy her clothes at Melrose Trading Post, I traveled to Tuscany. I had the mozzarella balls to accept an offer of travelling with my cousins that I couldn’t refuse, … Read More