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I prepared these fish tacos on a weeknight trying to use fish, fish for which I had another ambitious plan until it became too hot to grill. When did LA become biosphere? I have mushrooms growing in my yard at a time-lapsed movie pace. Pulling inspiration from many sources, I … Read More

Fish, so often, is one of those foods you save for restaurant meals. Home kitchen avoidance begins with doubt that we can really prepare this seemingly delicate protein with any skill. And its limited refrigerator shelf life and cooking odors don’t help either. Here’s where Adam Rappaport, editor of Bon … Read More

Trip Advisor listed Maya Bistro as the best Placencia, Belize had to offer. Most items in this Central American village were priced fairly, but a taxi ride to Maya Bistro, seven miles from our hotel, would cost us sixty bucks one way. I suspect the speed bumps add up. When … Read More

The very moment my food-enunciating paranoia hit was when I was on a date with a blue blood type boyfriend, whose parents challenged me with culinary tests like eating whole lobster and using sauce spoons. At an unpretentious restaurant while we glanced over the menu, he displayed a rare moment … Read More

Trying to eliminate that elusive word “perfect” from my vocabulary after spending a lifetime in search of it. It likes to hide behind things like puberty, stocky genetics, and kettle chip cravings while showing up like a mirage in photoshopped models, Botox, and this one. Before I press delete, I … Read More

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