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Change of seasons in Southern California is determined by the shade of grass and the thickness of sweaters. In deep January, believe me, we are grateful, but without harsh winters, we just don’t celebrate summer like everyone else. There’s a quiet in our town. Sometimes I miss that authentic neighborhood … Read More

The CSA farm service had delivered red bib lettuce, luscious tomatoes, and red onion; grilled lobster waited in the refrigerator to be reinvented; I was daydreaming about the Hamptons, and it was lunchtime. With a little Food Madonna inspiration, a very nutrient-rich meal emerged.

Lobster Rollin’ on the West Coast (recipe) … Read More

I’m a sucker for fish and meats that are on sale, but that means I have to be flexible and simple with food prep. I swear I picked up lobster tail as the “manager’s” special at Ralph’s for only $5.99 a tail. Sure, it wasn’t minutes-fresh from the ocean, … Read More