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There’s a dirty little secret about granola, which we’re cleaning up. Granola is like the Miley Cyrus of breakfast foods – you think she’s just wholesome bites of Hannah Montana and stuff like that, and then you find out there’s some twerk and weed in that food.

There’s something special about waking up to an already prepared breakfast. This do-ahead morning rescue comes together in minutes the night before, brews on your stovetop while you sleep and requires only a zap from your microwave and condiments. It’s ready before coffee.

Trip Advisor listed Maya Bistro as the best Placencia, Belize had to offer. Most items in this Central American village were priced fairly, but a taxi ride to Maya Bistro, seven miles from our hotel, would cost us sixty bucks one way. I suspect the speed bumps add up. When … Read More

Until this morning, I didn’t know that snacking on oyster crackers had anything to do with my daughter’s imminent departure to college. Tomorrow, we’ll take her back to New York, where she began her education sixteen years ago and likely will finish it there.

So…we were in London and I count my lucky stars for having witnessed Danny Boyle’s peculiarly spectacular opening ceremonies firsthand. We soaked in any Olympic event we could get our hands on tennis, gymnastics, basketball, swimming thanks to the fine folks at NBC. I am in awe of our athletes … Read More

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