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There’s something special about waking up to an already prepared breakfast. This do-ahead morning rescue comes together in minutes the night before, brews on your stovetop while you sleep and requires only a zap from your microwave and condiments. It’s ready before coffee.

Until this morning, I didn’t know that snacking on oyster crackers had anything to do with my daughter’s imminent departure to college. Tomorrow, we’ll take her back to New York, where she began her education sixteen years ago and likely will finish it there.

We’re all modern day girls, beyond bra-burners, right? I mean, while I’m loading the dishwasher and picking up dog poop – mutually exclusive events – I’m reminding my family that I once danced in the suit life before I found the sweet life. So then, why is it that when … Read More

Loving the breakfast cookie trend – take a bite of this, this, and this– kids think they’re getting something decadent for breakfast and you exert nothing more than a freezer-to-microwave maneuver. Carnival Cookies, they’re called and are the brilliant creation from natural food cookbookauthor, Heidi Swanson. The thing about Heidi, … Read More

Although February is the shortest month for most folks, it seems very long to me. Like the actors parading on the red carpet at one award ceremony after another, I spent most of the month flitting between lectures and interviews. It looks glamorous to be picking out new … Read More

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