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What to do with the bounty of vivid, fresh spring produce, a smidgeon of dairy, some crunchy sea salt, perhaps prosciutto garnish?  There’s an app for that.  And a story.

The more I cook, the more I anticipate Spring.  Root vegetables have their charm, in a gut-extending way, but by March, I’m in desperate need of above-ground produce.

We know in the crunchiest of times, one can head to just about any large grocer these days and make our own salad. … Read More

Hey kids, we’re having peas. come on mom,  we had vegetables this week.

I pulverized them into baby food.  gross and gross.

Yeah, and I added mint too.  what, peas aren’t candy.

Best part.  we don’t have to eat it?

No, it’s cold.  omg, give me anything but that.

Experts predict this hot weather we’re … Read More

Leftovers need rebranding. Can we consider leftovers to be more like heightened ingredients?  Super-ingredients that give us a headstart toward another meal.  Uber-ingredients that are a crunchtimer’s dream. Ultra-ingredients that make miracle meals out of real food in minutes.  No, they’re not leftovers at all.  They’re mealstarters.  Mealstarters that turn … Read More

Clearly on a bender to create my favorite restaurant recipes (look down to the recipe below using your best Brady Bunch bow). I offer you an concoction from the duh why didn’t I think of that file.  First a lesson in peas, even though we’re ending the fall pea … Read More

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