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Somewhere between a bell pepper and a jalapeno, shishito peppers, finger sizedwith a mild, sweet flavor all their own, make the easiest appetizer or side dish. Pour a cold beer and snack away while enjoying early autumn’s gloaming. Beware: one in every ten packs a spicy punch.

Peppers are wildly in … Read More

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Found under SuperFast entrées in this favorite publication, this recipe had everything going for it. I said yes, please. If you don’t think scallops are your thing or maybe they’re to hard to come buy, I ask you to reconsider understanding that this powerful protein packed mollusk is low-fat, low-cholesterhol … Read More

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from top and clockwise: feta cheese, grilled lemon chicken, hummus, red bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, pita triangles (center)

Tragedy – I am addicted to the lazy susan.

Comedy – Some nights I’m too lazy to turn it.

Ever since I bought the lazy susan, I cannot stop making smorgasbord dinners. … Read More

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It’s no mystery that a salad with seafood and citrus can satisfy most appetites, but the citrus in this recipe might surprise you.

Sometimes, on rare occasion, when not minding my manners, I can dish out a bite of food snobbery. It’s simply passion talking, however, when singing the praises of … Read More

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