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We love a theme. Today’s theme, of course, is the Iowa caucus. While other sites are Bob Dole-ing out football themed recipes, were going straight to the heartland for Iowa’s absolute best food – bar none – the Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich. You heard me right, we bread them, then … Read More

Guys I’m back at it; both in the kitchen and ready to post. The start of summer brings birthdays galore in our family; combined with graduations, family reunions, and summer travel it’s all a girl can do to get responsible again. We’ve been taking big glorious trips with our two … Read More

Anything boasting “instant dinner party” catches attention because it must mean that it’s even easier and special for family meals. Braised pork ragu over tagliatelle is a hearty meal ideal for cozy eves, yet proves to be a welcome feast for weary weeknights after long work and school days. It … Read More

Can I write about real food and and not address prop 37 — California’s proposition to require that food producers label genetically modified ingredients?

It’s not that I’m entirely against genetically modified foods for instance when it comes to ways to feed the daunting food supply demands or for so I … Read More

We slowed down life if only for a moment, when we looked up from our screens, stepped outdoors, and savored nature’s good work. Jackson Hole was our home on the range for a flash-by weekend made possible by the kindness of some old friends and some new.



Maybe it was the … Read More

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