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What to serve guests in the morning? It bakes while you prepare coffee, slice fruit, and take a moment of quiet before this happens.

Oatmeal hasn’t been my kid’s thing, since he was a baby.  Now that I think about it, maybe he always hated oatmeal but couldn’t avoid spoon-feeding.  Once … Read More

Oh my god, I looooove them, my twin nieces exclaimed, in unison as twins do, when I asked about the peanut butter treats their mom, my sister, makes. Remember these are the people who gave us swag bars - kid-friendly treats without any guilt and a whole lotta swagger.

If you’re like me, … Read More

There’s a dirty little secret about granola, which we’re cleaning up.  Granola is like the Miley Cyrus of breakfast foods – you think she’s just wholesome bites of Hannah Montana and stuff like that, and then you find out there’s some twerk and weed in that food.